🏠 Unrivaled Local Expertise
All LUBA property management staff are either long term residents of Marco Island or live just a few minutes away.  The team at LUBA possess an intimate understanding of the local market, ensuring your property is managed proficiently and profitably.

🕒 24/7 Availability for Viewings
We understand that your time is precious! Our team is available for out-of-hours viewings, facilitating a seamless process for potential tenants and ensuring your property doesn’t miss out on opportunities.

🔧 Prompt Issue Resolution
We aim to address and resolve tenant issues swiftly, with staff typically available to be on-site within 30 minutes to assess and typically resolve situations on the same day.

Our Services

  1. Long-Term Lettings Management

    • Optimal Pricing: Utilising our expert knowledge of the local market, we ensure your property is priced optimally to maximise returns while maintaining competitive appeal.
    • Tenant Vetting: Our comprehensive tenant vetting process ensures that your property is entrusted to reliable and responsible occupants.
    • Legal Compliance: We navigate through the legalities, ensuring your property adheres to all regulations and laws pertinent to long-term lettings.
  2. Fully Managed Short-Term Lettings (AirBnB/VRBO/etc)

    • Hassle-free Management: From managing bookings to ensuring a seamless check-in/check-out process, we handle all aspects of short-term lettings, providing you and your guests a hassle-free experience.
    • Dynamic Pricing: With our dynamic pricing strategies, we ensure your property is competitively priced, maximizing your earnings, especially during peak seasons.
    • Immaculate Cleaning Services: We uphold the highest standards of cleanliness, ensuring your property is always in pristine condition for every guest.
    • Always on site: 5-star service is what we are known for – no other AirBnB management company can offer anything even remotely close to our offering.

🌟 Bespoke Property Management
Every property tells its own story and we tailor our management approach to suit the unique needs of your property and investment goals. Our bespoke property management solutions are crafted to safeguard your investment while optimizing returns.

Join Us in Crafting Remarkable Living Experiences at Marco Island

At LUBA Property Management, we don’t just manage properties – we curate exceptional living experiences for tenants and lucrative investment journeys for property owners. Partner with us and discover the epitome of proficient, lucrative, and hassle-free property management at Marco Island.

Call now: 0115 64 63 774

Fastest AirBnB Service

I had an issue with the fridge in the AirBnB I was renting.  I called them up for support and within minutes someone knocked on the door and the fridge was fixed right then and there.

Jacob R, Short-term Guest

Out of hours Support

Check in was 3pm but due to flight delays I didn’t arrive until late at night and had not been able to let the host know.  I was worried I might have to get a hotel room, but once I landed I called the host and they said they lived at Marco Island so it was absolutely no problem that I would be arriving late.  I was so relieved, 5 stars!

Mohammad M, Short-term Guest

Flexible Viewing Times

I can’t express enough how luba has made my leasing experience at Marco Island a breeze! The out-of-hours viewing was a lifesaver due to my hectic schedule, and their team was incredibly accommodating and knowledgeable. Their swift response to any issue has made my stay here absolutely delightful. 🙂

Claire W, Long-Term Tenant

Superb Knowledge

Entrusting my property to these guys has been one of my best decisions as a property owner. Their comprehensive management, from vetting tenants to ensuring legal compliance, has provided me with peace of mind and a steady income without the usual landlord hassles. Highly recommend!

William K, Property Owner

Exceptionally Clean

Our short-term stay at Marco Island was simply magical!  The apartment was immaculate and the check-in process was smooth and efficient. Whenever we had inquiries or needed assistance, the management team was on-site promptly, ensuring our stay was comfortable and memorable.

Lloyd B, Short-term Guest

Unmatched Local Expertise and Service

Trying to arrange even a viewing for an apartment in Nottingham was a nightmare until we reached out to LUBA. From the moment we expressed interest, every step was perfectly managed. After a quick check, they offered us a viewing for the same evening.  The last time I was at a viewing with a different management agent pretty much all my questions were answered with “I can have someone in the office look into this for you and they’ll probably get back to you by tomorrow.”  The lad that showed me around knew literally everything about the apartment, the area, what internet provider has the best value (Marco Island has 2 internet providers you’ll probably have never heard of before who offer extremely fast and cheap fibre internet!), as well as recommending some restaurants nearby.  It was impossible not to want to sign up right then and there. If the management service is just half as good as the viewing experience, then I hope I can keep renting this apartment for many years to come.  Truly, a remarkable experience!”

Lucy J, Tenant

Reliable Investment

As an overseas investor, I was initially apprehensive about managing my property at Marco Island. However, LUBA property management has eradicated all my concerns with their exceptional, bespoke property management services, ensuring my investment is not only secure but also thriving. Their transparency and diligence are commendable!  They were able to inform me of building changes well before even the freeholder contacted me.

Ahmed M, Overseas Property Owner

A new home

Moving into Marco Island, I was welcomed not just into an apartment but into a community. The luba team doesn’t just manage properties, they provided me with lots of information to help me have a great experiences, ensuring every need was met with a smile and efficient service. I am not just a tenant but part of the Marco Island community, thanks to one of their staff members who manages the Marco Island community groups.

Jack A, Resident