The concierge team, security and our cleaning crew all play a vital role in making Marco Island one of the best places to live in Nottingham. If you think someone is going above and beyond what one would expect, then why not nominate them for an award?

Concierge Team

Our friendly concierge team is available from 8am-7pm to assist you with any questions you might have.


‘The Boss’

Karl is usually in from 8am-4pm Mo-Fr. He’s been a core team member for years now and often referred to as ‘the boss’ due to his professional demeanour.


‘The Real Boss’

Gayle is available to help between 11am-7pm, Mo-Fr and is full of knowledge when it comes to Nottingham, it’s surroundings and so much more.


A member of the security team is on site from 7pm-8am as well as 24 hours a day on weekends and public holidays. As part of their work, they will do floor sweeps, so they may not always be at the reception desk.



Steve not only has real talent when it comes to mixing together tunes on his laptop, but has also been keeping the peace at Marco Island longer than most residents have lived here. If you’ve ever wanted to delve into becoming a DJ, Steve can share some insights.



Having served 8 years in the military, his time spent in conflict zones across Europe has given him a special appreciation of different cultures. He has found a new and less stressful passion playing computer games and collecting replica, bb & decommissioned guns.



Sam has been providing security services to Marco Island since 2008 – back when Marco Island only had no apartments from floor 9 upwards!
Fixing up and selling cars is one of his great passions. Sam is very sociable and more than happy to help anyone who needs assistance.


We have a great cleaning crew for the communal areas that are on site daily Mo-Fr to ensure the lifts, buttons, hallways, entrance areas etc sparkle. Their service does not include the removal of household rubbish left by residents outside their doors, so please take down your trash to the bin store.