Here you will find planned as well as ongoing construction projects.

Confetti X

Planning Permission has been granted with reference 21/01087/PFUL3 to turn the basement, part of the ground floor, as well as about 30% of available parking on the first floor and Mezzanine floor into an eSports centre (playing video games competitively). Construction started mid-2021 and will take quite a long time to complete.

Confetti X Construction Progress

Many residents have asked why removing an entire floor won’t impact the static of the building. The answer is that the construction team is reinforcing the huge steel beams.

This is the robotic controlled demolition machine which acts like a jackhammer and is what causes the majority of the noise during construction. As of 04/04/2022, there are only a few days left that this machine will be in operation.

Bendigo Building

This has received planning permission (21/00968/PFUL3) with work having started in February 2022.

You can find all other documents relating to this planning permission on the Nottingham Planning Permission Website.

Daylight Report (GIA No 1517)

“The BRE discusses the neighbourliness of surrounding properties, stating that “another important issue is whether the existing building is itself a good neighbour, standing a reasonable distance from the boundary and taking no more than its fair share of light”. In this instance, Marco Island is not considered
a ‘good neighbour’ given its design.”

“The proximity of Marco Island to the development site means that deviations from the BRE criteria are
inevitable. The design of the building is such that it is built close to its site boundary, with several single
aspect rooms facing the development site, which makes it difficult for daylight to penetrate into rooms”