Welcome to Marco Island!

If you are moving into or just moved into your new apartment in Marco Island, we’ve got a handy little step by step guide on getting you all set up.


  • Black electronic fob
    • This opens the external doors at the main reception as well as the side entrance further up the road.
  • Letter Box Key
    • All letter boxes are located on floor 2 just opposite the lifts.
  • Apartment Key
    • if your letting agency attached a tag to the keys with the apartment number, then please remove this for your own safety in case the keys get lost.
  • Lift Key
    • Floors 10, 11 & 12 also have a lift key.

Meter Readings

When you move in, make sure you take a reading of your water and electrical meter.
The water meter is located in your apartment (usually by the boiler).
There are two possible locations for the electric meter on each floor. The electric meter is located behind a door at one of the ends of the hallway of the floor you live on. You will need to get the key from reception.

Register with the various providers

  1. Water
    1. Register with Severn Trent Water for your water supply. This is the only option available in Nottingham. The Water meter is in your apartment – usually near the hot water storage tank.
  2. Electricity
    1. Choose an Electricity provider (there is no gas in the apartment block). As of September 2023, Octopus Energy seems to have the best offers on the market. They seem to have the lowest rates and daily standing charges and arguably have the best smartphone app experience and customer support in the industry. Extra bonus, if you sign up with THIS link you get £50 towards your first bill which is awesome given no other energy provider offers registration bonuses currently. The electricity meter is located in a locked cabinet accessible from the communal hallway on your floor. The concierge team can let you know where the unit is located for your specific apartment.
  3. Internet
    1. Choose an internet provider. We recommend Clearfibre as they are very reliable, offer an extremely quick setup (if compatible router already in the apartment, you could be online within minutes!), best deals available and offer the fastest speeds with up to 1000Mbit speeds! We also create a comparison of broadband providers for you.
  4. Council Tax
    1. Register for council tax. You can do so here: https://www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/information-for-residents/council-tax/manage-your-council-tax/

Join the Marco Island Community Groups

  1. Join the Marco-Island.co.uk members area.
  2. Join the Facebook Group.

Read through the following bits of information

  1. Fire Policy
  2. Block Services
  3. Meet the Team
  4. Parking


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